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2008 Submissions

LL - Weihnachten LL - Weihnachten Rated Stars MasterLock and Pumpkin Lock celebrate Christmas together! Comedy - Original LL - Pool LL - Pool Rated Stars Everybody loves the pool!!! Comedy - Original LL-Secret Santa LL-Secret Santa Rated Stars Locksmas is a wacky happening! Spam LL - Merry Christmas! LL - Merry Christmas! Rated Stars Merry Christmas from the Lock Legion! [LL] - 1eraser1jar [LL] - 1eraser1jar Rated Stars Eraser finds a jar, what will he do with it? Comedy - Parody LL - Hippie Zombies LL - Hippie Zombies Rated Stars Raddish seeks revenge but runs off with the wrong crowd Comedy - Original HT: Make a Zombie Movie HT: Make a Zombie Movie Rated Stars Jujube Lock shows how to make a zombie movie. Comedy - Original A Special Lockmas [LL] A Special Lockmas [LL] Rated Stars A Peach Lock Christmas Story Comedy - Original LL - Lost! LL - Lost! Rated Stars Our heroes journey to the sofa emporium! Comedy - Original LL - Sofa LL - Sofa Rated Stars The Sofa Plaza is the best place on earth! Comedy - Original LL: Deceased LL: Deceased Rated Stars Zombies in Locktopia! Drama LL - lemming is lost LL - lemming is lost Rated Stars a LL flash made for a bi- weekly contest. Other LL - Sacjfm LL - Sacjfm Rated Stars Best movie . Spam [LL] - AEPP2 [LL] - AEPP2 Rated Stars wine and log have tea and scones in the jungle this time LOOK OUT FOR ZOMBIE DINOS Comedy - Original LL - Desert Zombie LL - Desert Zombie Rated Stars Yum. Comedy - Original LL - Swearing: 1 LL - Swearing: 1 Rated Stars A LL flash for the bi-weekly contest where one of the themes was "desert". Comedy - Original LL - Not Really A Picnic LL - Not Really A Picnic Rated Stars A sly little movie. Comedy - Original [LL] - AEPP [LL] - AEPP Rated Stars Wine and Log have a picnic. Which turns out to be exceedingly plain. Comedy - Original LL - A desert picnic. LL - A desert picnic. Rated Stars Shark and Aubergine have a picnic. Comedy - Original LL - End of the World LL - End of the World Rated Stars WineLock Is Angry. Other LL - This is the End LL - This is the End Rated Stars This is the end, or at least an incredibly accurate prediction. Comedy - Original LL: The end of the world LL: The end of the world Rated Stars The end of the world as we know it. Other LL-Questionable Journey LL-Questionable Journey Rated Stars A loop about two locks on a ridiculous journey. Comedy - Original [LL] Evening At the Track [LL] Evening At the Track Rated Stars The Los Locktos Walking Track Other LL: Yoyo Extreme LL: Yoyo Extreme Rated Stars Extreme yoyo'ing! Spam LL - Nothing LL - Nothing Rated Stars Nothing never happens around ll.org Comedy - Original LL - Coffees Revenge 1a LL - Coffees Revenge 1a Rated Stars Coffee tries to get his revenge! Comedy - Parody